How a hiking trip impacted my business...

How the heck did a hiking trip impact my business??

About 6 years ago I decided, very last minute, that I was going to take a hiking trip in the mountains of Vermont. I had never done anything like before, and wasn't even entirely sure that I liked hiking, but it was October, so I figured the foliage and weather would be perfect. I was half right.

It rained EVERY SINGLE DAY. And we still hiked up mountains for about 10 hours a day.

I'm not going to lie to you, there were many times I thought to myself "I am doing this willingly?! What the hell was I thinking??" Every inch of me ached and muscles I didn't even know I had were screaming at me.

But, there was no other option then to keep going; I was halfway up a freaking mountain, where was I going to go? So, I kept at it. I should note, I was with a group of more experienced hikers, so I didn't make this trek solo (I'm not THAT brave!).


The week finished and while I was more exhausted then I had ever been in my entire life, I was also more exhilarated. I did something I never thought I could or would do. I showed myself that I am capable of more than I thought possible and I was PROUD as hell.

That's how I feel about my business. I had a rocky start (no one supporting me, boy friend telling me I would fail, starting at 40), but I felt called to do I kept at it, even when that voice inside me was screaming that I must be crazy. I mean, I'm halfway up a mountain, right? Only thing to do is keep going. Eventually, you see the results. I promise.

Feeling like you’re halfway up a mountain and you’re stuck? Let me help! My guide to Finding the Flow gets you into that sweet spot in your business where you’re finally reaching your goals, your days are flowing with ease and you’re excited again!

Posted on October 9, 2018 .

It's time to flip your "what if's"

Some of the most frequent comments I hear when I'm working with a client on reaching their goals are "What if I don't achieve it? What if I'm dreaming too big? What if no one buys this?"

You get the idea.

When you're stuck in the "what if's" you're really just holding yourself back from making your ideas a reality. You're overthinking everything, doubting yourself and eventually, getting stuck.
But what if you take those "what ifs" and flip them?

What if your program is wildly successful? What if people love it and everyone loves it?

This is what I remind my clients...things don't need to be perfect. You don't have to have it all figured out. You just have to allow yourself to move FORWARD.

Now, what are your biggest "what ifs" and how can you flip them?

Here's what I find are the biggest "resistants" that are at the root cause of them:

1. Lack of clarity: You have to know what you're trying to achieve, in very specific terms.

2. Lack of confidence: So often our fears and doubts cause us to lack confidence in ourselves and our ideas, and this holds us back from actually moving forward.

3. Lack of competence: Not knowing how to do what we need to do, so we end up procrastinating and not getting anywhere.

Luckily, you CAN overcome these. Reach out for help with a coach or an accountability partner to get you moving.

Seriously, ASK FOR HELP! I know this was one of my biggest stumbling blocks when I was first starting out and I'm kicking myself for not asking for help sooner in my journey. If you find you're stuck in the what if's, let's chat! I'm positive we can get you off that hamster wheel and back to moving forward.

Posted on September 3, 2018 .

Truth time...

A year ago I was so frustrated and alone in my business I was submitting resumes to go back to a corporate gig.

Yep, I was ready to throw in the towel and go back to a 9-5. And, while I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing (I always enjoyed my corporate gigs), it didn't feel right to me. It felt like I was quitting. And in a way, I was. But it just felt easier than struggling in my business any longer.

Thankfully, I didn't go on those interviews because you know what, I would have been really tempted if I was offered one of those jobs. But, I knew that a year later, I would be regretting it and wishing I had instead spent that time really focused on and building my business. Which is exactly what I did.

Yes, there were hard days (weeks, months!), but I kept at it. I hired another coach. I took a HUGE step back and really dove deep on what I wanted to my life and business to truly look like, not just what everyone in the online space tells you it should look like. I worked on figuring out my purpose, what was I meant to do, what did I want my legacy to be. Like I said, it was some deep stuff and it was uncomfortable as hell. But, I got crystal clear clarity on all of it and felt exactly right.


But, fast forward to today, and I LOVE my business; I have AMAZING clients who are rocking their lives and businesses and are in total alignment with their ideal vision. And, I have this great group! I love how empowering and encouraging everyone is in here.

I've achieved all that by aligning my goals with that vision and purpose I worked so hard to define.

What's the point of this rambling post? It's to remind you that you CAN figure things out and make your business exactly what you want it to be. Be prepared to do the hard, uncomfortable work, but the results are totally worth it.

I'd love to hear, did you ever have an ah-ha turning point in your business?

And, if you're ready to finally feel in total alignment and rock those goals, then let's chat!

Posted on August 5, 2018 .

Be honest, is it time to reassess your goals?

This week over in my community we're talking all about the value of reassessing goals.

We are more than halfway through 2018. Halfway! It's the perfect time to revisit goals, create new ones, and refocus. If you are in a valley, haven’t been planning for success, or have just been feeling off-kilter…. shake it off, let it go, and refocus!

Sometimes having check-in points on your goals also helps to pause and assess where you are, where you need to be, and it allows you to reset or shift goals if needed. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that your original plan rarely ever comes to fruition exactly the way you imagined.

I want to share my favorite actions steps to reset and look at goals and making sure at the end of the year you have progress on them and you are closest to being the version of yourself you want to be!


As discussed above, checking in. Are you making progress? Are you heading in the right direction? Like this mid-year checkpoint here. Schedule in these checkpoints; depending on the goal it could be weekly or monthly. But checking in with your goals and accessing progress and action steps help you to clearly see progress or lack thereof.


I know, I know I preach this all the time. But it is THAT important. You are so much more likely to quit on yourself but you won’t always quit on others. Picking the right people is crucial as well! I have different people that hold me accountable for different goals. Having people that are a positive influence in your life is HUGE! I am thankful I get to be that for a lot of you...It is why I do what I do!

Here's my MOST favorite step in reassessing your goals...


I know this is a weird action step, but you might slip. You might be reading this because you have slipped. I have slipped on goals, I have had launches totally flop, I have let others down. I have let myself down. I have needed some serious resetting here lately. I am learning to give myself grace; if I bask in those mistakes then where would I be? Nowhere.

So, if you are reading this and thinking yes I have failed. Stop. Learn from it and let’s move forward!

Goals are there to continuously be striving to better yourself and your life. It is important, this is something we don’t do once a year but we are constantly looking at and planning our schedules accordingly. We are halfway through 2018….. lets reach, reset, and GO!!!

If you're still feeling a bit stuck, be sure to download my FREE GUIDE with my top tips to getting (and staying!) motivated.

Posted on July 21, 2018 .

It's time to take MASSIVE action on your goals

Get ready for some tough love regarding your's time for you to take MASSIVE action towards them.

We overwhelm ourselves by spreading ourselves way too thin; you’re capable of more than you know so don’t disperse your energy. Take massive action and move forward on just ONE thing. Of course there will be different projects and tasks within the one thing you’re focusing on, but that singularity of purpose will move you forward in an incredible way.

Look, I know that planning can be more fun than taking action. Especially if you have a really pretty planner and love writing down your thoughts and ideas. I get it, I'm a stationary addict too.

But let's be real, prettiness and fun is probably not what your business is all about. If you don’t actually schedule things in to the pretty calendar and take action on it every month, week, and day, nothing is going to change.

You’ve got to be willing to take massive action on the activities that you’ve planned so that you can truly move forward.

Here’s the caveat: hustling yourself into the ground is NOT the same as massive action.

If you do your planning properly then you’re being deliberate and INTENTIONAL about your time and you're not focusing on activities that are busy work but not moving your business forward.

Don’t be busy for the sake of being busy. Focus on the activities that are really going to move the needle in your business.

Now tell me, are you REALLY taking action on your goals?

Posted on July 11, 2018 .

Are you an overwhelmed overthinker?

In my work with clients, I've found that there are typically two ways that people think of goals:
"I'm super excited to tackle this big goal and get shit done!"


"I’m afraid to set goals. By the time I research and then think through every possible step and outcome, I'm so overwhelmed I don't even know how to start."

If you fall into that second category (and let's be honest, we ALL have at some point), I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite tips this week to get over that overwhelm and get you moving in the right direction!

Look, the reality is that you’re NEVER going to be as productive as you THINK you should be or it SEEMS like everyone else is. What you need to realize is — that’s okay! You just need to work differently and set expectations for yourself that are NOT based on what you BELIEVE everyone else is doing.

First things first, do a brain dump. Write down every.single.thing. that you feel like you should be working on. Give yourself 15 minutes. Use a piece of notebook paper, a journal, or type it on your computer. This list will be long, and it should include vague future goals as well as all of the little tasks you keep putting off.

Move the little tasks to a separate list. Block time daily or weekly to knock out a few of these at a time, but don’t let them distract you right now. If you leave them on your “big things” list, they will take your focus off your main goal. Once the little things are off your list, forget about them until your scheduled time block.

Next, take 30 seconds to force yourself to choose the most important thing from your “big things” list. How do you know what’s most important? Simply put, it’s the thing that bothers you all the time — the goal or task that your mind dwells on no matter what else you are doing. This is THE ONE THING you will work on.

Now, break your ONE goal into actionable steps. You’re not writing a how-to volume here, just spend 10 minutes to work out the basics.

Now that you've broken down your big and little tasks, and you're in the planning stage, don't get stuck! Stop reading books and blog posts about how to do things related to your goal. Limit your research to something reasonable — say 1-2 SHORT books and 3 articles. That’s enough. You really will have the information you need to move on.

Also, as you get more comfortable with your daily capabilities and accomplishments, don’t get distracted by your other goals. Just because you’re making progress working toward the one “big thing” doesn’t mean you can start adding various tasks related to your other goals. It’s not going to work.

Remember, you CAN be successful at setting goals and crushing them. Just because it may take you longer doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Focus on ONE GOAL and don’t give up!

Posted on June 26, 2018 .

It's time for a mid-year review!

We’re half-way through 2018...what the whaaaa? While I believe in doing monthly/weekly check-ins with how your goals and biz are doing, I also think it's important to do a bigger-picture review mid-way through the year. Let's tackle that here!

Let's start with the wins...

  • What amazing things have you achieved so far? Big or small, write them all down.

  • What did you do to achieve them? That's your success strategy right there! Keep it up in 2018! 

Ok, I get it, not everything so far is all wins and celebrations. That's ok, it's good to reflect on those things as well.

  • What did you want to achieve but didn't? Don’t feel bad about the fact that you didn’t make it happen. I like to remind myself that everything happens in the right way, at the right time, and everything I experience is a stepping stone to get me to where I want to be.

  • Why didn't you achieve them? If you want, give yourself permission to release the goal, park it to one side.

  • What were your biggest frustrations and challenges?

Get it all out! Once you know what holds you back and what’s stopping you, you can make a plan of action for how you can make sure it doesn’t hold you back moving forward.

Now let's get down to logistics...

  • What tools and resources have helped you to succeed this year? Blogs, websites, online tools, training programs etc. – it’s good to make a note of these things so you can continue to use them next year.

  • Which products/services were your most loved and generated the most revenue?

  • How much revenue did y our business generate? What were your expenses? What did you pay yourself? What was your net profit?

How is your marketing going this year?

  • How much has your reach grown so far? Look at your social media and compare your numbers to last year; not only followers but engagement.

  • Over the past 6 months, what has been the most effective way to attract new clients and raise awareness of your business?

  • What are the biggest marketing lessons you've learnt?

Take a moment to really think about everything you’ve done this year and celebrate it – the good and the bad.

Make sure you give yourself credit for what you’ve achieved and experienced. You are an amazing person and the very fact that you took the time to do this review means that you’re going to achieve incredible things. 

You’re ready to take on the rest of the year and manifest your dreams!

So now, do a little dance, smile, pat yourself on the back and be grateful for all the wonderful things that happened.

Posted on June 3, 2018 .

Here's my unpopular opinion on multi-tasking...

Why is multi-tasking so rewarded in our society? Just go to LinkedIn and read through a few job descriptions, and the statement “able to handle multiple responsibilities at once” seems to be baked in.

Here's my unpopular belief... no one is good at multi-tasking! Meaning, no one can perform at their highest level while doing more than one thing at a time.

And this doesn’t necessarily mean writing a blog post and posting to Facebook within the same 10 minute time frame. Look at this from a project level: You’re trying to multi-task if you’re trying to work on multiple projects in your business at the same time.

If you’re re-designing your website and working to launch a membership site in the same period of time, you’re multi-tasking.

What’s the natural result of too much multi-tasking?

Work that is INCOMPLETE.

If you’re in the habit of bouncing from one idea and project to the next, you’re bound to leave 1/2 done work in your wake.

---1/2 written blog posts...
---Courses that never got completed...
---Partially baked business ideas...

This is not only a waste of time, but it ends up being costly financially.

Finish what you start before moving on to the next project or business objective! You’ll work faster and much more efficiently.

I'd love to know, what is your take on multi-tasking? Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Posted on May 14, 2018 .

Unmotivated? Try my top 3 strategies to stay laser-focused on your goals.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten really excited about a new, big, exciting business goal and then gotten about 20% into the project when you decided it wasn’t fun anymore.

Me! Me! Me!

Life is complicated. Things don’t ever go exactly to plan. It’s messy and complex and chaotic.

But as business owners, movers, and shakers, the only way we can realize the true potential of our ideas is by taking the boring, mundane, often unenjoyable actions that bring them to life.

Specifically, I started adding more fun and accountability into my daily responsibilities by creating systems that would make working toward my goals much easier.

Here are my top 3 strategies that I use every single day to consistently take action toward my goals even when I’m bored and uninspired:


The key to happiness is loving the hell out of your current situation no matter how far away it is from your ideal life.

Ask yourself the following questions when your plan gets off track:

  • What is the end goal? 
  • Is this action / strategy getting me towards my end goal?
  • Is the effort / cost worth it?
  • If not, what other strategies could I explore? In other words, what’s the backup plan?


This is one of the biggest “ahas” I’ve experienced in the past 6 months: It’s better to measure the things you can control than the things you can’t.

You can’t control your revenue.
You can’t control your list size.
You can’t control your website traffic.
You can control how many leads you contact.
You can control how many blog posts you write with content upgrades.
You can control how often you post to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…

Measure the actions you take, not just the results of those actions. You can’t control the results, but you can control your output.


Here are some ways to enlist other people to hold you accountable:

  • Get an accountability partner who also wants to stay focused on her goals. You can find people in Facebook groups within the next hour. 
  • Hire a VA and start documenting the step-by-step process to publish your blog each week.
  • Join a mastermind group where you will hold each other accountable every week to take specific actions toward your goals.

Listen guys, I KNOW it can be hard to stay motivated; need a few more tips? Check out my other favorite tips to keeping you moving forward!

Posted on April 30, 2018 .

Let's Get Back to Basics

This week I want to get back to basics.

When I start working with a client, one of the first things I ask them to do is to complete my 12-month goal worksheet. Something happens when people plan their success strategically; not only do they meet their goals, but they exceed them by leaps and bounds.

What didn’t seem possible previously suddenly becomes reality.

That is why in addition to establishing realistic goals to achieve, I also ask them to write down their “Hairy Scary Goals” - a goal so big, it almost scares them.


Because as you become better at goal setting and execution, your reality is going to change. What is not possible now may just be possible tomorrow.

So really take some time to think about it; what do you want your life and business to look like and feel like in 12 months? What is reasonable to achieve and what would be amazing to achieve?

The next step when I work with clients is to take one of their 12 month goals and to set out a plan to accomplish it by organizing it into 4 main objectives - each taking no more than 90 days to complete.

So if your 12 month goal is to hit $200,000 in revenue, what are 4 major areas of your business that you will need to focus on?

  1. Launch new program? 
  2. Hold a holiday sale?
  3. Attend a retreat to raise your vibe? 
  4. Add an affiliate program?

These are all hypothetical, but an example of how you could break up your year into four 90-Day segments and then create goals within those.

Make sense? Now tell me, what did you select as your main 12 month goal?

Posted on March 8, 2018 .