Achieving Goals--Yes, you can really do it

Last week we talked about choosing and setting strategic goals. In this post we're going to chat about how to actually achieve them.

Think about the goals you've picked, are they considered SMART? Meaning, are they specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely? A goal of 'I want to live in Spain' is awesome (and we want an invitation to visit once you get there), but not very attainable as written. What do you need to do/get/achieve before you get there? Make them SMART as your first step. From there, here are a few tips to help you better strategize:

Break down big goals. Look at your list of goals, are there are any that seem big, overwhelming, and omg I can't believe I'm actually going to do this? If so, break them down into small steps. For example, if one of your goals is to launch an online course some of your steps would be:

  • Choose a topic
  • Find a platform
  • Create an email list for the launch

By breaking the goals down, they seem less overwhelming.

Set a timeline. Google calendar is your friend. Use it to set milestones you need to reach in order to achieve the larger goal. Take your smaller steps and map them out on the calendar. This can be done in weekly or monthly increments. Breaking it up into smaller steps can help things seem less overwhelming and daunting, and scheduling them out keeps you on track, Remember, baby steps will still get you there.

Make time to work on them. Yes, I know this seems like a silly tip because obviously you're going to work on these, they're your goals! While I hope that's true and that's certainly what we want, often times our work days get away from us just by working on our regular projects and deliverables to clients. Goals can sometimes get pushed to the back of the line of priorities. This is why you have to set aside time for them. Here are a few tips to find extra time:

  • Stop saying yes to things you don't really want to do or have to do.
  • Hire out and automate as much as possible. Hootsuite anyone? And don't forget, we can help!
  • Plan everything out. Seriously folks, use the calendar (can you tell I'm a planner?)
  • Stop doing things that are not moving you in the direction you want to be going. I'm not only talking about work things here. Yes, binge watching Netflix is sometimes necessary, we get it, but not every night/weekend. Separate your work time and play time and stick with the schedule (there I go again with the schedule. I'm like a broken record).

Goals are important and they should be big, but they shouldn't be overwhelming. Take a deep breath, break them down into smaller steps, plan them out and you can definitely get there. Remember, we're always here too. Let's chat!


Posted on January 24, 2016 .