4 Easy Tips To Try This Month!

It’s a new month! Here are 4 easy things to try to level up your business. Let me know what you’re going to try this month!

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SURVEY YOUR TRIBE---Feeling like you’re no longer connecting with your tribe? Use a service like Survey Monkey and send out a survey to your audience. Think of questions that will generate answers that could help you serve them better.

DO SOMETHING CREATIVE---Step away from your computer during the day and do something creative. Draw, doodle, sew, knit or paint an old piece of furniture. Even if there isn’t a project in mind, just try something!

REMEDY TO-DO LIST GUILT---Find something that has been lurking on your to-do list for at least a week and ask yourself why you haven’t done it yet. Either it isn’t important enough (to you) and you can ditch it, or it is important and you can think about why you are procrastinating on it. If it is too big, then break it down. If it is a boring task, then put a time limit on it. If you don’t have the right tools, then get them ordered, etc.

TAKE SOMEONE SUCCESSFUL OUT TO LUNCH---For the price of buying someone lunch, you could dramatically up-level your network and have the priceless opportunity of being able to learn first-hand from someone you wish to emulate. Many successful people love being able to share their story with people who are sincerely seeking guidance.

Posted on November 2, 2017 .