End of Year Review

There's only a few weeks left in 2017...what the whaaaa? While I believe in doing monthly/weekly check-ins with how your goals and biz are doing, I also think it's important to do a bigger-picture review at the end of the year. Let's tackle that this week!

Let's start with the wins...

***What amazing things did you achieve? Big or small, write them all down.

***What did you do to achieve them? That's your success strategy right there! Keep it up in 2018!

Ok, I get it, not everything in 2017 was all wins and celebrations. That's ok, it's good to reflect on those things as well.

***What did you want to achieve but didn't? Don’t feel bad about the fact that you didn’t make it happen. I like to remind myself that everything happens in the right way, at the right time, and everything I experience is a stepping stone to get me to where I w ant to be.

***Why didn't you achieve them? If you want, give yourself permission to release the goal, park it to one side.


Get it all out! Once you know what holds you back and what’s stopping you, you can make a plan of action for how you can make sure it doesn’t hold you back moving forward.

Posted on December 14, 2017 .