Little things DO make a difference

As I was making my bed this morning I suddenly realized how it good it made me feel. And then it hit me – doing little things that keep things tidy and organized actually makes me feel in control…and feeling in control, especially when running your own business, is critical to success.

When you consider how much has fluctuated over the past few years in the economy and how clients have either downsized their budget or gone out of business all together, our feeling of security and control has taken a beating to say the least.

The little things that I do have control over such as keeping a clean house, pampering myself, getting rid of things I no longer use, taking the time to exercise and spending time with my friends and family helps in creating a solid personal foundation that then effects my attitude toward business.

I may not have control over what the economy dictates, but I sure as heck can keep my kitchen clean and organized :-)

What helps you to feel secure and in control? Let me know in the comments below!

Posted on April 22, 2017 .