Overcome self-doubt and achieve those goals!

Open up your planner right now. Is there a big goal or project in there you’ve been meaning to do for weeks, but keep putting off? Sure, it’s easy to go along with business as usual, taking the same small steps and seeing the same amount of growth. But success happens when you step outside of your comfort zone and take those big leaps into the unknown.

If you’ve been putting off doing something because of that little voice in your head, here are four ways to overcome your self-doubt and achieve your goals.

1. GIVE YOURSELF SOME ADVICE: We’re so much harder on ourselves than we are on others. But when it comes to our business friends, all we can see is how awesomely talented they are. So treat yourself like you would treat your friend. Think about what is worrying you the most, and then write down a response as if you were writing to them.

2. GET SOME OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVE: Sometimes, as business owners we get so caught up in the small details that we can’t see the big picture. When this happens, stepping back to get some help from an outsider is so important. A business coach can help you develop a plan and focus on your goals.

3. REMEMBER YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Often we only focus on the things we haven’t achieved yet. Like, “I’m not making ten-figures a month,” or “I’ve only got 100 people on my email list.” Spend some time remembering how much you’ve already accomplished in your business so that you can celebrate your wins!

4. ALLOW YOURSELF TO LET IT GO: We are our own worst critic and you’re much better at what you do than you give yourself credit for. If you’ve done your very best and put all that you can into a project, then you can’t give any more. Allow yourself to press publish on your latest blog or send the piece to your client so that you can move onto the next project with a clear head and renewed focus.

Tell me, what are you best tips to get over yourself and get moving?

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Posted on July 26, 2017 .