Keep Your Short-Term Work Aligned with Your Long-Term Goals

I call this “connecting your day to your dreams”.

I believe that the #1 reason people struggle with productivity is because they don’t know how to connect their long-term dreams with their short-term schedule.

Are you filling your days with work that isn’t actually connected to getting you where you want to go? If so, you’re probably experiencing an inner struggle that manifests itself as doubt and procrastination.

You may feel distracted because you aren’t actually honed in on WHAT you should be doing or HOW you should be spending your time.

Who else has struggled with this at times?

Here are my fave tips to keep you aligned...

***Keep your long-term goals by your workstation to keep them top of mind when prioritizing tasks.

***Distinguish between compulsive and conscious behaviors. Are you acting out of boredom or blind habit (like logging onto Facebook) when you could be doing something that would be serving a more important goal?

***Prioritize your important work. Doing busy work is easy, doing your best work is hard. It’s the hard work, the process, that makes us better and builds character.

***Use progression markers to track your progress. When working on significant projects it can be hard to know how much progress you’re making. You need a system to make yourself feel like you’re making progress and to help keep you motivated.

***Make your progress visible. Marking progress is a huge motivator for long-term projects. Make your daily achievements visible by keeping a "Done" list!

Posted on March 1, 2018 .