Are you an overwhelmed overthinker?

In my work with clients, I've found that there are typically two ways that people think of goals:
"I'm super excited to tackle this big goal and get shit done!"


"I’m afraid to set goals. By the time I research and then think through every possible step and outcome, I'm so overwhelmed I don't even know how to start."

If you fall into that second category (and let's be honest, we ALL have at some point), I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite tips this week to get over that overwhelm and get you moving in the right direction!

Look, the reality is that you’re NEVER going to be as productive as you THINK you should be or it SEEMS like everyone else is. What you need to realize is — that’s okay! You just need to work differently and set expectations for yourself that are NOT based on what you BELIEVE everyone else is doing.

First things first, do a brain dump. Write down every.single.thing. that you feel like you should be working on. Give yourself 15 minutes. Use a piece of notebook paper, a journal, or type it on your computer. This list will be long, and it should include vague future goals as well as all of the little tasks you keep putting off.

Move the little tasks to a separate list. Block time daily or weekly to knock out a few of these at a time, but don’t let them distract you right now. If you leave them on your “big things” list, they will take your focus off your main goal. Once the little things are off your list, forget about them until your scheduled time block.

Next, take 30 seconds to force yourself to choose the most important thing from your “big things” list. How do you know what’s most important? Simply put, it’s the thing that bothers you all the time — the goal or task that your mind dwells on no matter what else you are doing. This is THE ONE THING you will work on.

Now, break your ONE goal into actionable steps. You’re not writing a how-to volume here, just spend 10 minutes to work out the basics.

Now that you've broken down your big and little tasks, and you're in the planning stage, don't get stuck! Stop reading books and blog posts about how to do things related to your goal. Limit your research to something reasonable — say 1-2 SHORT books and 3 articles. That’s enough. You really will have the information you need to move on.

Also, as you get more comfortable with your daily capabilities and accomplishments, don’t get distracted by your other goals. Just because you’re making progress working toward the one “big thing” doesn’t mean you can start adding various tasks related to your other goals. It’s not going to work.

Remember, you CAN be successful at setting goals and crushing them. Just because it may take you longer doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Focus on ONE GOAL and don’t give up!

Posted on June 26, 2018 .