Be honest, is it time to reassess your goals?

This week over in my community we're talking all about the value of reassessing goals.

We are more than halfway through 2018. Halfway! It's the perfect time to revisit goals, create new ones, and refocus. If you are in a valley, haven’t been planning for success, or have just been feeling off-kilter…. shake it off, let it go, and refocus!

Sometimes having check-in points on your goals also helps to pause and assess where you are, where you need to be, and it allows you to reset or shift goals if needed. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that your original plan rarely ever comes to fruition exactly the way you imagined.

I want to share my favorite actions steps to reset and look at goals and making sure at the end of the year you have progress on them and you are closest to being the version of yourself you want to be!


As discussed above, checking in. Are you making progress? Are you heading in the right direction? Like this mid-year checkpoint here. Schedule in these checkpoints; depending on the goal it could be weekly or monthly. But checking in with your goals and accessing progress and action steps help you to clearly see progress or lack thereof.


I know, I know I preach this all the time. But it is THAT important. You are so much more likely to quit on yourself but you won’t always quit on others. Picking the right people is crucial as well! I have different people that hold me accountable for different goals. Having people that are a positive influence in your life is HUGE! I am thankful I get to be that for a lot of you...It is why I do what I do!

Here's my MOST favorite step in reassessing your goals...


I know this is a weird action step, but you might slip. You might be reading this because you have slipped. I have slipped on goals, I have had launches totally flop, I have let others down. I have let myself down. I have needed some serious resetting here lately. I am learning to give myself grace; if I bask in those mistakes then where would I be? Nowhere.

So, if you are reading this and thinking yes I have failed. Stop. Learn from it and let’s move forward!

Goals are there to continuously be striving to better yourself and your life. It is important, this is something we don’t do once a year but we are constantly looking at and planning our schedules accordingly. We are halfway through 2018….. lets reach, reset, and GO!!!

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Posted on July 21, 2018 .