Here's why I'm not a fan of setting monetary goals.

I get it, setting a dollar amount for a goal seems to make sense, and in a lot of ways, it does! It's something tangible to work towards and it's easy to track and measure...two super important things for a goal.

But, here's what I tell my clients, financial goals are a great STARTING place. 

There's always more to it. 

Financial goals are just representative of something bigger and more important. and THAT'S what your goal should be.

Make sense?

So for example, maybe your goal is to make $20,000/month, which is an amazing goal, btw, but I want you to tell me WHY you picked that number. What would making $20,000 a month mean to you and allow you to do? Pay off all your debt? Retire your spouse? Pay for your child's college education? Take a big trip? Take the whole summer off from your biz?

There's always something behind that financial goal, and I want you to figure out what that is and set THAT as your goal.

Posted on June 27, 2019 .