So you didn't hit your big what?

No really, so what?

Look, I know it's discouraging when you set a big, scary goal and you don't reach (or let's be honest, sometimes don't even come close to it.).

I talk ALLLLLL the time about setting goals, having a vision, making a strategy and you know what? I DO all those things. And you know what else? I don't always reach those big goals.

But here's the thing, and this was learnt through a lot of failure and disappointment, it doesn't really matter. Let me say that again...if you don't reach your big scary goal, it doesn't really matter.


You can't just throw in the towel and quit because your launch didn't go as planned, or only 3 people downloaded your freebie or no one commented on your post.


You need to take the focus off of YOU and turn it back to those you are serving. Focus on why they need you, and keep delivering on that.

Know that even if one person watched your FB live, or 3 people downloaded your freebie, you are still making an impact. You are still serving.

You are still working towards your goals.

Detach yourself from the outcomes and focus on SERVING.

Then learn what worked and what didn't, and set another big, scary goal. I mean, we're meant for greatness, right? You can't give up now!

Posted on July 11, 2019 .