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I took a "treat yourself" week-end and amazing things happened.

Last week I was feeling all the feels; everything felt heavy, emotional and uninspiring. I needed something, anything, to get me out of my funk.

I decided to take a break. From my business, social media...everything.

I had a Treat Yourself weekend (well, 4 days, really). I went away, disconnected, re-connected with friends, went to the movies, went out for ice cream, watched the sunset while sitting on the beach, read a new book sitting outside a get the idea. I did all the things I love to do, and it felt amazing.

I also did a lot of journaling and mindset work. Specifically around my messaging, where I want to be, and how I want to help. It just flowed from me.

Sunday afternoon, when I was coming back from all of this pleasure, I decided to check messages, Facebook, etc. And you know what? I had people waiting to join my group, messages from folks asking about my services and an amazing fellow coach wanting to chat about a collaboration.

This was all while I was just focusing on my joy and living my best life.

You guys, it CAN be this easy.

Don't get me wrong, all that didn't happen by magic; I did the aligned work and followed my strategies. But, it was when I decided to back off and focus on pleasure and my WHY, that it all started to fall into place.

This has happened before, where I back off, just enjoy my life and wonderful things happen, but I always seem to forget it or think it's a fluke.

You guys, it's not a fluke. 

Do the work, take aligned action and then go out and experience JOY. Get inspired, live your best life. The Universe will reward you, I promise.

Posted on June 6, 2019 .