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Getting Past Social Media Burnout

Ok, I can't be the only one who sometimes feels completely overwhelmed by all the different social media platforms out there, and the pressure to be a rock star on all of them. Who can keep up with this?? I know I struggle and I have a feeling there are others out there who feel the same (I can see you nodding your heads), so let's chat about a few ways to avoid that feeling and get back on track.

Limit Your Social Networks

Let's be honest, you don't need to have an account on every platform out there; you DO NOT need to be everywhere. Pick a few that really resonate with you and focus your efforts. When you're using social media for business, determine which channels include your target audience and focus on creating an active, engaging presence on those.

Think Quality Over Quantity

This ties in with limiting your accounts. On your business accounts, your audience would rather see a few thoughtful posts a week than countless photos of what you're eating and your vacation pics (you're really just making us jealous, so please stop). Also, don't be afraid to curate content, if someone else's blog or article speaks to you and you think your audience would appreciate it too, then share it! Plus, it's a great way to connect with your colleagues, and they will be likely to turn around and share your awesome content in return.

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Work in Batches

Plan and prepare! You MUST have a strategy for your posts or you will definitely lose steam. Make lists of what you are going to post. KNOW what you are going to share a week from now. Will things change? Yes! But you sure won’t miss a day if you know what’s coming. To be efficient with your time, create graphics and edit photos in batches, write out your post descriptions, gather links and be ready to go. There are a number of really great, user friendly, scheduling programs out there. Pick one, learn the ins and outs and you'll be on your way to batching heaven.

Focus on Your Existing Followers

Yes, we all know that social media mavens who have thousands of followers and we think, what the heck? Why am I not attracting that many people? Don't sweat it, it's better to build a relationship with your existing followers, and really understand what they're looking for. From there, you can create and deliver thoughtful, relevant posts. Always try to think from the perspective of your client. What do they need to know? What inspires them? Motivates them? Amuses them? Post that stuff!

Set a Schedule and Boundaries

Here's where things get tricky; yes, I know how addicting Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., is. But here's the thing, you NEED to set a boundary for yourself on this. Promise yourself that will stop checking your phone at a certain time and eliminate the mindless scroll.  Focus instead on relaxing, spending time with your significant other if you have one, etc. One of the boundaries that I have set for myself is not checking social media on my phone when I am with friends (or family.) I want to be fully present when I am with them, not mindlessly scrolling through feeds. Also, it's ok to unfriend, unfollow or block folks who are negative or are stressing you out. Life is too short for that drama.

Schedule Time to Connect with People in Real Life

Finally, and probably most importantly, don't let your real, in-person connections with those around you fall to the wayside. Sure it's great (and easy) to connect with people over social media, but it will never be the same as hearing some one's voice and seeing their face. In person. Schedule a weekly coffee date with a friend and plan a get together with those close to you. Put these things in your calendar. Call your friend. Call your sibling. Send some one a card via snail mail just because.

What do you think? Can you try a few of these tips to get you out of your social media funk? Let us know how it goes. Plus, always remember that we're here to help you out, so let's chat!


Posted on July 24, 2016 .