Feeling overwhelmed and unfocused because you have a milestone you want to reach to grow your biz, but you keep spinning your wheels and suddenly days, weeks, months have passed and you haven’t made the progress you want?

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Let me guess, you've set big goals in the past, you didn't reach them and now you're scared of trying again.

Am I right?

I thought so. Only because I've BEEN THERE! So, I know exactly what you're going through.

What if it didn't have to be so overwhelming to set those goals?

What if you had someone who had your back, who knew you and your business inside out and was supporting you along the way?

What if you had a road map and knew exactly what to do everyday to achieve your dream life and business?

What if you TRULY stepped into that next-level self that you know is in there and really owned your role as a successful business owner.

And every step was in alignment with that next-level self so that no only was it easy, it felt freaking exciting?


Setting and achieving goals is a magical combo of strategy AND mindset. It's that sweet spot where all the info you've learned and downloaded fit together perfectly with your confidence and rockstar self.

It doesn't have to be hard or intimidating.

I know this because I made that transformation myself. I used to be in information overload; downloading ALL the freebies, hoping someone had that secret to success that would book my next client.

Guess what, they didn't.

It wasn't until I got real quiet, shut out that outside noise and really listened and TRUSTED my own voice that I really started to see things happen for me and my business.

I hired a high-end coach (which was a big, scary investment, but I trusted that it was the right step and I knew that my next-level self wouldn't even hesitate to get this kind of support), so I went for it. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

That is alignment with my next-level self. I knew it didn't have to be scary and that it could be easy.

So, stop the struggle.


Options for Working Together

2-Hour Strategy Intensives: A 2-hour intensive devoted to solidifying your vision and creating a customized plan to make it a reality. Let's get you back to feeling in control and back to why you started your business in the first place. In this call you will get:

  • Clarity and cohesion of your big picture vision so that you may have peace of mind that your business will grow and so will your desired impact.

  • Big picture plan with timeline and resources built in to ensure you can sustain your current business while building out a new idea that will extend your business.

  • Accountability plan and confidence to make it happen so that you can stay on track, execute on what we've created and feel good doing it.

  • 1 week of unlimited email/Voxer support to answer any questions that may come up after your call, and for support and accountability to keep you on track!

I have what it takes to pull the idea together, plan the steps and make it happen!

Investment: $300.00

I found your session incredibly helpful and just having someone there talking me through these steps showed me where I was holding back from taking action.  That realization that sometimes when we get "the idea" we feel like we have taken some sort of action was a real "aha" for me.  The accountability you provided helped me to go into action right then and there, and immediately I had results that lead to sales the very next day!  I highly recommend working with Elizabeth, especially if you are an ideas person who needs help bridging those ideas into the material world.  

- Therese Tucker  creator of Blythe Starlight   www.BlytheStarlight.com

- Therese Tucker

Creator of Blythe Starlight



Strategy, Simplicity & Scaling Up: Ready to work 1:1 with me for 90 days to finally feel aligned and excited about your business again? This program is for the high-vibe female entrepreneur who's ready to play to her strengths, overcome limiting beliefs and reach that next big biz goal.

How Would it Feel To:

  • Do meaningful work in alignment with your "WHY."

  • Help others and make a difference.

  • Stop feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your business, and start seeing real results.

  • Wake up every morning knowing exactly what steps to take to move your business forward.

  • Feel EXCITED about your business again!

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to get clear on your purpose.

  • Are tired of feeling stuck in your life and frustrated with the goals you haven’t accomplished.

  • You want to organize your day to minimize distractions and focus on what matters most.

  • You're fully committed to taking productive action.


Topics We'll Cover: 

Your program will be personalized and customized to your needs. These are some of the topics we may cover:

Clarity & Strategy

  • Align your business with your deeper why and IDEAL life so that you feel energized and EXCITED about your biz again.

  • Setting specific, tangible goals in total alignment with your next-level self and business so that you know what you’re working towards.

  • Create a clear, personalized (no cookie-cutter plans here!) road map to reaching those goals so that you never have to wonder what to work on everyday.

  • Identify your perfect skill set so you can focus on what energizes you.

  • Gain clarity on your ideal client, and how you can best serve them.



  • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs so that you can trust and have confidence in your own voice.

  • Understand and OWN your awesomeness so that you can finally step into your role as a ROCKSTAR leader.

  • Implement tools and systems to streamline your business and simplify your life.

  • Design your ideal, intentional and productive day by creating space in your life and schedule for what's most important (i.e. lose the mindless Facebook scroll).






What's Included:

  • 90 days of support and accountability.

  • Complementary 30 Minute Discovery Call.

  • 11 50-minute Zoom sessions

  • Unlimited Email and Voxer access - for days when you need extra support.

  • Homework to keep you on track in between sessions.

  • Reading lists, workbooks, journal prompts and resources that I've used in my own business.


  • 90-minute kick-off call to get started in a BIG way.

  • 3 "wildcard" 15 minute blocks to use for extra time in a session, or a phone call in between sessions, or me reviewing your content.



  • $3,000.00 paid in full, or 3 monthly payments of $1,100.00


I want you to succeed.

Period. End of story. Your success is my success. Let's do this!


"Take advantage of this opportunity to work with Elizabeth! My biz would NOT be where it is currently without her consistent support and behind-the-scenes strategy! From ideas to accountability to helping me take something jumbled in my head and making it actually happen - these are her gifts that helps me stay more in MY gifts and thereby grow my biz!"


- Lisa Eaton

  Psychotherapist, Mindset Strategist and Success Coach



My to-do list was unintentional when I started working with Elizabeth, it was scrawled with random things I “should” do, but it was difficult to find the intention and direction to take with them. Within the first session, Elizabeth had found the core root of my business and provided clarity on how to move forward. She quickly put those scribbles into order and set a clear path we could work on together and our weekly sessions gave me the motivation to move forward on them.

I've often muttered that as an entrepreneur sometimes I just wish someone would “tell me what to do.” So I could skip learning curves and just get my business moving in the direction of my dreams. Truly, Elizabeth is that person. She has the ability to cheerfully and yet determinedly keep me on track and purpose. If ever you feel like you are just going in circles and you wish someone could grab your hand and help you find clarity... Elizabeth is definitely the hand you want to hold on to. I can't recommend her enough.


Christina Fletcher

Spiritually Aware Parent Coach and Author



Before I started working with Elizabeth, I was confused about how to identify my goals. I knew on some level that I needed to be more intentional with my time and energy, but I didn't know how to make that shift.

My online marketing support business was about nine months old. I already had some clients and was doing very well, overall. But, I was somewhat unfocused, and had a serious case of “shiny object syndrome.” I was consuming a lot of content, and not taking enough action. My offers were all over the map, and not really aligned with how I wanted my life and business to look. 

Through our work together, I honed my self-awareness. Elizabeth guided me to figure out how I wanted to feel, and those desired feelings became my goals. I began the process of setting up a business plan that is more focused, less scattered, and overall more aligned with want I want in life. I still have more work to do, but I’ve made so much progress in Elizabeth’s 90-day program. I feel so much more confident and clear about everything. It’s a great feeling! 

Elizabeth is fantastic. She asks all the right questions. She strikes the perfect balance between being gentle and pushing you to dig deep and aim high. If you value intentionality, clearing mental and actual clutter from your life and biz, and taking aligned actions...then she is a great guide for you as you set goals and take action to achieve them.


Jana Roe Osofsky

Content Manager for Online Entrepreneurs