Hiking in VT...tired but so happy.

Hiking in VT...tired but so happy.


I’m Elizabeth and I believe in keeping things as simple as possible. From clearing clutter (all sorts of clutter--physical, digital, mental) to achieving goals, I want to streamline and make things as easy as I can. 

I'm going to get really real here...a few years ago I was struggling with anxiety and depression. It felt like everywhere I turned--work, home, and personal life--was full of "stuff" and I was feeling overwhelmed and suffocated. I wasn't getting anywhere. Until I said Enough! It was then that I decided to take charge and make changes in my life. This started my journey into adopting a minimalist lifestyle. Once I started making changes I could already feel more peace, and space to achieve my goals.

Look, I totally understand that overwhelmed, unfocused feeling. I’ve been there many times! I managed to get myself back on track by defining priorities and getting rid of the distractions. I can help you do the same.

How I got here. I’ve worked in project management in large corporate settings, from academia to the luxury industry and my specialty has always been breaking things down from the big picture to the small picture. But, I always knew, at my core, that I wanted to be my own boss and make an even bigger difference in helping others succeed. So, I stepped into my purpose, leveraged my expertise and followed my joy which led me to helping ambitious coaches achieve their business goals.

Fun, random facts about me:

  • I’m a New Englander born and raised. I’m not sure I can survive without all four seasons.

  • A few years ago I went on a week-long hiking trip in the mountains of Vermont that completely kicked my butt and pushed me wayyyy outside of my comfort zone. But, it taught me perseverance, that you can do a lot more than you think you can and that I freaking love hiking. Who knew? (I probably should have considered that question BEFORE I went on the trip, but hey, it all worked out in the end).

  • I’m not a yogi, but going to a Wanderlust Festival literally changed my life.

  • I’m a closeted geek (maybe not so closeted once you get to know me), and a crossword puzzle junkie.